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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recently, this reporter received friends call Nanchang Shengli Road Pedestrian Street, the newly opened Wanzl department has very cheap "Nike" and "Adidas" and other name brand sports shoes sold, a pair marked "NIKE "logo sneakers as long as 60 yuan, suspected to be fake, reporters immediately launched an investigation. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; not only within the Wanzl Department Store "Nike" and "Adidas", "kappa" and many other brand-name & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Nike shoes" sold only a few dozen yuan a pair phone manufacturers actually sell the mall phone December 19 afternoon, the reporter went to Nanchang Victory Road Victory Road Pedestrian Street Wanzl Department Store No. 155, at 1 floor shoe and saw many labeled "Nike", "Adidas", "UMBRO", "KAPPA" and other international brands of sports shoes and other signs sneakers put together sales. Reporters view a few pairs of "Nike shoes" price tag, found mostly in the price of 60-90 yuan. "Why is this so cheap Nike shoes, as if it really you?" Reporters picked up a pair at random to ask the promoters, "we are NK brand shoes, so the price is very cheap. Do not worry, If you buy back found to have quality problems, as long as no hurt bad soles, our replacement warranty, and if you are a member, we can also give you a discount. "salesman so to answer. Reporters carefully review the product label, only to see the words NK brand, but there are shoes "NIKE", "AIR", and Nike's unique "??" sign. "It does not seem genuine goods, right? Which production?" The reporter asked again, "it can be said that simulation products, these Nike shoes are Fujian Nanping manufacturers." The salesman said. In order to distinguish between true and false, the reporter called the manufacturers to "Nike" sneakers label on the telephone 0591-83207111, who knows Cheap air jordans for sale this phone turned out to be chain Wanzl Department Store Co. Ltd. in Fujian contact telephone number, not Like the salesman said Fujian Nanping site, nor on the label the subject of Fuzhou Ferrer Industrial Co., and answer the phone's men made it clear that they did not produce Nike shoes here. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; pedestrian street stores sell more question "Nike" store represents helpless & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter also visited the pedestrian street shoes three stores found in the inner part of the same stores sell Nike sneakers with "??" sign, these shoes not only rough, origin chaos, and the price is also uneven. Sales staff repeatedly stressed quality, cheap price, but "whether it is really the Nike brand sports shoes," but avoided answering the question. Subsequently, the reporter went to the victory on the road in the Nike store, sales of sports shoes and found that there are a minimum of 400 yuan, the most expensive will have a thousand dollars, and the origin of most of Vietnam or Indonesia, it is also part of the production in China, Jiangsu a. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "Really Nike and Adidas sneakers air cushion is very soft, and very hard to fake, in addition to these brands of shoes car line requirements are quite strict, provides The length of each needle should be average, can not appear jumpers, etc., fake shoes, work requirements would not achieve such stringent level. "store clerk describes methods to identify genuine and fake Nike. store clerk told reporters, such as Nike, Adidas and other international brands cheaper it is impossible to sell tens of dollars, a maximum number of second-hand play Qizhe for sale, so sell so low the price is certainly fake shoddy products. "They are the sale of counterfeits, it affected our reputation, but this brand fakes too much, we have no alte cheap jordans for sale rnative. Now is the founder of Walking Street 'in malls and shops with fake', and hope that the relevant departments to pay attention to this situation. " It is understood that in Nanchang, the Nike brand is only two agents, one is" Hung ", another is" East Inchcape "East-is the agent, The provincial Hung two agents, both have brand power of attorney, and these agents are in the store or at the mall in the form of a special counter sales of products, not like "Wanzl Department Store" as and other sports shoes mix sold, and these stores authorized to sell Nike can find the official website. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people frankly do not buy such goods target consumers locked in low-income and students & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; so cheap. " Nike shoes' market how what? Reporters in victory on the road were interviewed several pedestrians. Miss Xiong told reporters that this very public brand is definitely not cheap to buy, first, quality can not be guaranteed, the second is wearing feel "loss of face"; and people said she had got the shoes "to see that this is fake that he will not buy. " Reporters interviewed a number of pedestrian and then another, the answer is basically the same. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; people are not recognized for such goods, then the interests of businessmen come from it? Reporters found that the purchase of such commodities crowd has two parts: First, low-income people buy the cheap price of such goods purely diagram; the second is the student population, spending power is not strong, such goods not only cheap, but also the style and more brilliant color, brand name imitation but also to meet some people's vanity. "This shoe is definitely false, but cheap, looks also good, very suitable for students!" Students from Normal University Wang's analysis is confirmed by the reporter. & nbsp; Cheap foamposites for sale & nbsp; & nbsp; "imitation Nike" alleged trademark infringement will be severely punished, authorities said Subsequently, the reporter called the Donghu District Industry Authority trademark advertising Branch. Liu Kechang told reporters, some businesses prefer to trade name and address were playing with words is in fact misleading consumers. Although these sneakers have their own brand name, but because of the use of these well-known brand mark, English names, essentially the same violation of these brand trademark and other intellectual property. Learn more about the specific circumstances of reporters after the investigation, Liu Kechang verified that they will be home as soon as possible, if irrefutable facts, will be seriously dealt with the relevant merchant.for the sale of fake online shopping platform on the issue, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court judge held that: As a global network extending space, network service providers can not the legality of online stores sold the trademark face reviewed problem for the sale of counterfeit goods on the online shopping platform, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court judge held that: As a global network extending space, network service providers can not the legality of online stores sold the trademark face review. In this case, the requirements of the legality of Internet service providers responsible for trademarks for every online store sells every kind of goods, beyond its capabilities. Taobao selling in improving the sanctions rules made efforts, but does not undertake to review obligations. But Taobao in terms of intellectual property protection, or the intensity of the line over the mall. reporter learned: Shiseido, Adidas, Philips, and other famous international brands have sent thanks to Taobao, Taobao praised the contribution made in the jordan shoes online sale protection of intellectual property rights. Nike Air Force 1 Mid Blazer launched a series of shoes to get a lot of game player recognition with delicate skin and other classic moose. Recently, there is a new color Nike Air Force 1 Mid "Blazer Pack""; shoes debut, and the two before the difference is that this pair of shoes on the color made a new adjustment. Taking into account the elk skin material material in the summer is warm with more color spread is too strong, so Nike uses color diffuse low light blue as the main color in the. In addition to suede materials, shoes also joined the hard canvas material in two, to avoid a single color material brought bloated feeling. Like friends, may as well appreciate the details below! 2013-12-1 09:36 upload download attachment (164.42, KB) we previously reported this Flyknit and Air Max full palm air cushion for the first time combined running shoes. The Nike Flyknit Air Max uses the latest Flyknit Nike uppers, equipped with the same as the Air Max 2014 exposed Air Max Airbag, and also uses a gradual color design. The running shoes will be on sale in 2014 January.1. Iverson answer very ornamental dribble extraordinary, dazzling offensive and lightning speed to busy, let all NBA fans are crazy. We can say that the Allen Iverson will street basketball style into the NBA game of, in the eyes of the fans, the basketball more often is a work of art, the answer will be the beauty of the art in the regular game deduced to get incisively and vividly. 2. Williams White Chocolate "basketball artist" said apply evaluation team mate Youdulisi Heisler Mu and his basketball skills called "Crazy". When a white basketball interpretation so exquisite, more is surprised with his mouth wide open, so a player can use all means to spread the good shot, successfully performed wi jordan 3 katrina 2018 th fists and someone else's body to pass, and dizzying behind the back pass to shock unceasingly. 3. Alston fame in the sacred streetball in New York Rucker Park, nicknamed the "skiptomylow" (the lyrics of a song), he in the basketball court brisk and changing dribbling let one's tongue says to surprise. He played high performance properties, footwork on the pitch fluttered, leaving only both surprised eyes behind him to stay. 4. Marbury When New York Rucker Park Street Fighter, he to colorful game impressed the audience on the streets of New York, after landing NBA. He also showed his extraordinary talent for basketball. The difference is that of street basketball style from the beginning to the end, all around him, playing too alone had him take a seat in the team have been unable to obtain good results. 5. Smush Parke "death" nickname is Parker in the middle of the street basketball was hung on people's lips, he grew to occupy the on the street in New York City, because of the hardships of life and feel bored and basketball has become he would pass the time by the way, is that a moment, the Brown of the ball caught in the middle of his life, lingering. 6. Jason · Kidd Kidd was born in Auckland mosswood stadium, where there is the mark of the predecessors "helicopter" Herman - newins and Gary Payton, where the streetball traditional strong, transport spawn the alliance most comprehensive point guard, he open field of vision and the ability to comprehensive doomed him in the NBA will set off bloody. 7. Gary · Payton mentioned Payton, eponymous trash talk and his defensive skills, and trash talk is gloves in the middle of the street basketball the pass, somehow also calculate is to enrich the streetball culture of another side. we made the news, never care about what you do not see finished, there is also a WeChat micro-blog, search DUNKHOME〉At the Spring Festival holiday is coming to the past, Nike seems to have set a new goal for you. The new color of the Nike Air Foamposite One uppers and laces with 3M reflective effects, silver vamp and green fluorescent collocation is also very eye-catching, in the weak light environment will inevitably become the focus of attention, at the same time, men and women will be released simultaneously, so that the majority of women can also enjoy the charm brought by Foamposite. item: 575420-004 release date: February 22nd 1-1402050U149.jpg (118.52 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 10:52 upload 1-1402050U151.jpg (132.57 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 10:52 upload 1-1402050U153.jpg (118.87 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 upload 10:52 1-1402050U156.jpg (122.67 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 10:52 upload 1-1402050U158.jpg (115.98 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 10:52 upload 1-1402050U200.jpg (118.36 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-5 10:52 upload Nike 00Nike LeBron 12 officially released in recent days all close at hand, the color of the Nike LeBron 12 also have exposure. Today, after the Dunkma color exposure, once again released a new version of the network, the upper red color, grey posite on the upper Swoosh by blue, finally with new iconic airbag sole. nike-lebron-12-crimson-green-glow-silver.jpg (149.6 KB, download number: 12) download Nike LeBron 12 adds new 2014-9-5 00:00 Nike upload LeBron 12, lbj12 00Jordan Brand 30th anniversary for this event racked designers design a powerful and unconstrained style really amazing, what color is more authentic Air Jordan show charm? This is the Air Jordan XX9 may be a good answer! This goes back to the source of Jumpman Logo, the famous photo design inspiration, in the body of the shoe to reproduce that wonderful scene. This section will be in NBA All-Star All Star Limited Edition, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 695515-806 release date: February 13thPrice: air-jordan-xx9-jumpman-photo-reel.jpg (141.34 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan XX9 Photo Reel 2015-2-7 09:07 upload In August 16th, as sports exercise gradually become more and more fashionable white-collar pressure release means, outdoor sports rapid warming, outdoor equipment will also be sold online, of which footwear consumption is most. As B2C online shopping platform, Taobao mall sporting outdoor products sales in the first half of this year several times, compared with the same period last year increased by nearly 5 times. Data show that the first half of Taobao mall shoe sales have exceeded 1 billion 300 million yuan, no doubt become the largest online footwear stores. sports; outdoor footwear sales high brand gathered popularity Taobao mall shoe chief said, as the outdoor sports warming and travel this year, an increase of people, driven outdoor products, especially footwear products sales also rose. "Sports shoes, outdoor shoes, casual shoes, canvas shoes, sandals and other footwear tmal is the biggest selling shoes, which is greater than the sales of shoes, the ratio was about 5:4." For regular travelers, leisure and canvas shoes are adequate, but sneakers and outdoor brand footwear are essential for professional outdoor sports. "We have noticed that the age of sports shoes and outdoor shoes is generally greater among consumers, mainly for outdoor sports enthusiasts aged 30 to 40."." The responsible person said, usually this age consumers have long-term experience in outdoor sports, outdoor supplies for their choice of more emphasis on quality and quality, tmal quality assurance has become their preferred online shopping outdoor products. It is reported that the current tmal professional outdoor brand shoes with Keller stone (Kailas), Columbia (Columbia), Salomon (SA-LOMON), wolf claw (Jackwolf-skin), beautiful Luo family, sports shoes brands Nike, Lining, Adidas, kappa, Anta, the number of goods reached 20000, far more than any brand richness a line store. outdoor sports shoes is the most popular hiking shoes, hiking shoes sales accounted for the first half of this year, Taobao mall and all the outdoor footwear consumption of 40%, one of the more popular brands include Keller stone (Kailas), Columbia, Clorts, camel, Luo family, Pathfinder (Toread Yikaiwen), Jackwolfskin, etc.. In addition, mountaineering shoes, beach shoes, outdoor casual shoes and wading shoes are also popular among outdoor shoes. outdoor products; north-south difference; big men as the main force of consumption; head of Taobao mall outdoor products, said:Air Jordan annual Valentine's day color match is very worth looking forward to, and this year's Valentine's day color matching is combined with Air Jordan 7, and in February 7th officially shelves. this paragraph uses dark grey, and the feminine purple red contrast is stark, make shoe money combines rigid and rigid as a whole. Do not know such a design, goddesses are loving it? Color: gray / Black / White / purple on sale date: February 7, 2015 [picture from network, FROM:SNEAKERNEWS] at present this special Air Jordan XX3 for Rip Hamilton in Detroit period to create PE replace color, red leather shoes with XX3 embroidery texture, with red embellishment and toe MJ signature ankle royal blue RIP CITY embroidery, the double PE is now in the eBay sale.